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Our Staffs

LAWO and ABLE enjoy a reputation as national models for legal aid programs across the country.  Creating an environment for our staff to work together is key to providing high-quality, professional services to clients.

Our culture is shaped by fundamental elements of our mission:

  • We are law firms.
  • We provide high-quality legal assistance.
  • We serve low-income individuals and groups.
  • We help our clients achieve self-reliance, equal justice and economic opportunity.

As an equal opportunity employer, we strive to hire individuals as diverse and unique as the clients we serve. We take great pride in finding team members who will add to our culture and embrace our commitment to equal access to justice for all.

Legal and Advocate Staff

Our legal teams include lawyers, paralegals, and support staff — all working collaboratively on case preparation including gathering, analyzing, and organizing information, and drafting legal pleadings, discovery, motions, and other legal documents.

Our legal, advocate, and support staff positions:

  • Advocacy Director
  • Managing Attorney
  • Staff Attorney
  • Ombudsman
  • Paralegal
  • Administrative Assistant

Professional Staff

ABLE and LAWO offer an innovative, interesting work environment for professionals who assist in the business of running our law firms, including financial, administrative, fund raising, and communication functions.

Our professional staff positions and departments include:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Services and Technology
  • Resource Development
  • Marketing Communications