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Looking for a dynamic work environment? Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. (LAWO) and Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Inc. (ABLE) are non-profit regional law firms whose missions are to provide high-quality legal assistance in civil matters to help eligible low-income individuals and groups in western Ohio achieve self reliance, and equal justice and economic opportunity.

At ABLE and LAWO, we bring the best and brightest advocates and professionals together to share their knowledge and skills. Our employees bring varied experiences, perspectives, and cultures to LAWO and ABLE, creating strong collaborations, diverse thinking, new approaches and greater innovation.  All of this leads to high quality programs and services for our clients.

Combined, ABLE and LAWO are the largest providers of free, civil legal services in Ohio.

Our promise: to continue to respond effectively to the growing demand for legal services from low income people regardless of location, language, or disability.

For more about our missions and firm atmosphere, we invite you to visit these sections:

Staff of ABLE and LAWO are held to these Standards of Excellence:

  • Staff are highly motivated and perceive their value, whether legal, professional, or support staff, as contributors to achieving LAWO and ABLE's goals.

  • Staff value and willingly take advantage of training and continuing education opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

  • Staff are loyal and willing to "go the extra mile" for clients and the program. They place a high value on competent and ethical service to clients.

  • Staff are personally and professionally supportive of their colleagues.

  • Staff contribute constructively to the program's decision-making process.

  • Staff demonstrate caring, concern, flexibility, sensitivity, and selflessness when interacting with clients.

  • Staff exhibit a high degree of self-motivation and initiative in carrying out their responsibilities as well as a commitment to meeting deadlines and being thorough in doing their work.

  • Staff are respectful and courteous in interactions with clients. They answer and return phone calls promptly, keep clients informed of the status of their cases, provide information to clients in language they can understand, carefully explain to a client when the program must deny a case, and otherwise individualized attention to clients.

  • Staff are willingly involved in community activities related to ABLE and LAWO's mission.

  • Staff are committed to community legal education and impact litigation as fundamental techniques for empowering LAWO and ABLE clients.

  • Staff participate willingly in external and internal program functions.