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ICE Deports Maribel Trujillo Diaz

Attorneys from Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Inc. (ABLE) were informed this morning that Maribel Trujillo Diaz is on a plane bound for Mexico. For the past week, Maribel has been held in an ICE detention center in Louisiana awaiting deportation. ICE denied all requests to exercise its prosecutorial discretion not to separate Maribel from her family. Maribel leaves behind four American children. 

"We are disappointed and outraged that ICE has chosen not to exercise prosecutorial discretion despite the thousands of calls and nationwide advocacy from community members, elected officials, and faith leaders," says Kathleen Kersh, Maribel's ABLE attorney.

According to Kersh, "Maribel's deportation shows that the Trump Administration is not focused on deporting criminals, but rather on separating peaceful mothers from their American children. It is horrific that American children will be the ones to pay the price for these heartless policies." Maribel's motion to reopen her asylum case remains pending at the Board of Immigration Appeals, and ABLE is committed to continue representation of Maribel and her family until the case is resolved. 

"On behalf of Maribel's family, we thank all of you who called your elected officials, marched, attended vigils and supported Maribel and her family in these past few weeks," says Kersh. "Maribel's family is understandably devastated by her deportation, and asks that everyone respect their privacy during this difficult time."

The family will not be responding to media requests at this time. Please contact Patricia J. Robb, Communications Director for ABLE at (419) 930-2517 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any requests for comment or interviews.


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