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Consumer Law

Lack of financial resources is a problem that affects all aspects of a person's life. LAWO's Consumer Law practice advocates on behalf of low-income consumers who do not have the means to defend themselves against banks, lenders or creditors. In-depth knowledge and expertise of low-income consumer issues, and federal and state consumer protection laws allows legal aid attorneys to work with clients in the areas of:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy;
  • Debt collection and debtor’s rights;
  • Foreclosures;
  • Pre-purchase counseling for home owners;
  • Garnishments and repossessions;
  • Student loan discharge and collection issues;
  • Credit reporting problems;
  • Auto purchase and loan problems;
  • Pay day loans and other lending issues; and
  • Tax disputes with the IRS (Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic)

Attorneys and advocates also periodically present educational workshops that show low-income consumers how to legally resolve these types of financial issues.

Legal Aid helps Jenny*
with a repossession.

Jenny purchased an automobile from a local car dealer and arranged for payments to be automatically withdrawn from her checking account. The lender removed double payments for eight months before Jenny realized what was happening. She requested reimbursement for the eight months of double-dipping. The loan company refused and said they would just not collect for the next eight months. After a few months however, the lender repossessed the car and sold it. The lender then sued Jenny for an uncollected balance.

Jenny went to small claims court on her own where she was directed to LAWO. After a legal aid attorney advocated on behalf of Jenny, the loan company wanted to settle. Jenny's attorney stated that Jenny was unwilling to pay anything because the repossession was wrong from the start.  The case was then dismissed.

(*not her real name)



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