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Foreclosure & Predatory Lending

ABLE, together with its law firm partner LAWO and other community collaborations, work on Foreclosure and Predatory Lending issues in order to keep poor and low-income working families in their homes. ABLE staff and advocates provide free legal help to homeowners to stop the foreclosure action and to preserve the dream of home ownership for as many families as possible. Affirmative legal representation, brief services, counsel, and advice are some of the ways ABLE assists clients who are in foreclosure crisis.

In addition, the program works with low-income homeowners who are victims of predatory mortgage lending. While predatory lending covers a wide variety of abusive lending practices on any type of loan, ABLE concentrates on predatory lending that targets homeowners and increases the risk of foreclosure or the loss of equity in a client's home. ABLE advocates also promote the development of laws seeking an end to predatory lending.


When Paul* returned from serving in Iraq, he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and some physical challenges that interfered with his ability to maintain a regular job. While in a Veteran’s Administration Hospital, he received notice that the bank was foreclosing on his home. With four small children in their home, Paul and his wife sought help from Legal Aid.

Even though Paul was in the hospital, his Legal Aid attorney worked with him to respond to the bank in court. After successfully working to save his home, Paul's attorney also obtained reinstatement of funds and mortgage payment assistance, enabling Paul to support his family and maintain their home until he began receiving his VA and Social Security Benefits.

With the help of Legal Aid, Paul was able to focus on improving his health knowing that his wife and children were stabilized and secure in their own home.

(*not his real name)


Save your home from foreclosure

How to keep your home when you are behind on your mortgage.

Foreclosure is a legal action that a lender can bring if a property owner fails to repay a debt on the property. Missing even one mortgage payment can lead to foreclosure. The lender can get a judgment against the homeowner and ask for a court order to sell the house to get money to pay off your mortgage.